Monday, 15 July 2013

Oral Practice: Chio Jia Le (11)

Reading Aloud:

Spoken Interaction (part 1):

Spoken Interaction (part 2):


  1. Reading aloud - Generally clear pronunciation and articulation with occasional errors. Fluent reading. But do take care of pronouncing 'th' clearly.

  2. Spoken Interaction - Offers some thoughtful personal responses which are developed to some extent. Use of range of largely appropriate vocabulary and structure. Good use of rhetorical questions to help you stay focused e.g. 'So what is global warming?'

    I don't know if you were uncomfortable talking to yourself, but do sound more enthusiastic when you meet your examiner. On a few occasions, you sounded 'down' or bored.

    On the whole, you did engage me. :) so kudos to you!